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Okay, so an update is in order.

1. Living in KC full time now, living with folks in Liberty. Nice new place, nice area.

2. Dropped Latin, so I'm gonna have to take another language. Anything but Spanish I'm thinking, any suggestions are appreciated.

3. Stephen and Cari are in the middle of a divorce. Steve's got a new 25 year old girlfriend who has a 2 year old daughter. The new girl wants to get married this year, we don't know how Steve feels about it yet.

4. I've fallen in love with The Office. I know, I'm a little behind.

5. This year I'm taking: English Medieval History (Dr. Falls!!! Yay!), Political Science, English 110, Theater Appreciation, and Intro to Film and Media production (this class starts at 6:00 pm and gets out at 9:30 pm, yes the school has fucked with me again but I still love it.)

6. Currently playing Arillius over at InsaneJournal, soon to be in another made by my new friend Ashley. I've also got my own InsaneJournal so I might post a link too.

7. My laptop kicks ass, the dvd burner is a godsend and the demo of Final Cut is fantastic. Expect more vids soon! I will soon own a Duke Special CD and am ordering John Barrowman's album so my music vids will be better.

8. My biological parents never got divorced, David and Joanne, it's probably because of my brother Shawn. Oh, and I found out my family has a great history of mental illness, apparently my biological mother and grandmother are both crazy. Joy to me.

9. Lost five pounds so far this month, not bad for January.

That is mostly all.

Age of Consent

Won't you please let me go
These words lie inside they hurt me so
And I'm not the kind that likes to tell you
Just what I want to do
I'm not the kind that needs to tell you
Just what you want me to

I saw you this morning
I thought that you might like to know
I received your message in full a few days ago
I understood every word that it said
And now that I've actually heard it
You're going to regret

And I'm not the kind that likes to tell you
Just what you want me to
You're not the kind that needs to tell me
About the birds and the bees

Do you find this happens all the time
Crucial point one day becomes a crime
And I'm not the kind that likes to tell you
Just what I want to do
I'm not the kind that needs to tell you

I've lost you
I just found out my brother has been cheating on my sister-in-law.

For those of you who know how much I adore my sister-in-law I'm sure you can imagine how I am feeling right now. Why she hasn't left him before I have no idea, but if she doesn't leave him now she is an idiot.

I need my own place, close to campus and away from my family. I hardly ever get really angry, but when I see the way he treats her and now that he's done this to her I have grown to hate him. Not that I ever had any sort of respect for him, but now really do loath him.

I know I would not shed a tear if he were to die, I've never felt close to any of my family, him least of all. And sure, I know I sound like some whiny little bitch, but I cannot stand any of them any longer.
As some of you may know I dislike my birthday. I don't care about growing older, at my age it doesn't really make a difference, but I can't stand all of that other stuff. I don't like all the insincere wishes, the 'do something special' urging from others, the occasional singing.

I just want this day to end.


Alright, so I've been here in Kc for a month now and I have to say I've quickly adjusted. Back home doesn't feel like home anymore, not that I don't miss mom and S, but I don't really feel like I fit in any longer.

Ha, like I ever fit in.

I guess I'm trying to say I've changed and it feels like it's for the better. Public Speaking is a real bitch though, so is Latin grammar, too bad PS is required for my major and it's too late to choose a different language.

Oh and I have a cell phone now. I know, I know I've railed against cell phones and honestly having one now only makes my thoughts about them stronger. They're useless, annoying and a real threat to traffic safety. Blah, blah, blah, yes, I've said it all before.

Been looking for a new RP group lately with no luck. Everything seems like HP now and I can't stand it, I'd make my own but you all know how sucky of a mod I really am.

Oh well...





Just 1 more game to go!



Cards win game 3

Current score: 2:1

Take that Detroit!


Cardinals lose game two.

Current score: 1 to 1.

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